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Members of Gaylord Merlin are active in leading business and industry organizations that are nationally recognized and respected.

  • In-house condemnation seminars for corporate representatives
  • Drafting of condemnation lease provisions
  • Assistance with administrative driveway closures and median barriers
  • Evaluation, negotiation and litigation of commercial property tax matters
  • Statewide representation
  • Statewide monitoring of future condemnation projects that may affect your sites
  • Determination of impacts to owner’s property and business
  • Pre-take planning and strategy
  • Handling of pre-suit negotiations with condemning authorities¬†
  • Analysis of entitlement to business damages, calculations of business loss and preparation of statutory¬†business damage claims
  • Handling of eminent domain litigation
  • Assessment of tax consequences of eminent domain award
  • Coordination of federal relocation benefits, if applicable
  • Resolution of attorney’s fees and costs

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